July 1990: Level 1 Assistants Working with Pupils with Special Educational Needs @ Cambs County Council 


·     Dec 1990: Basic Skills in British Sign Language@Paignton Teachers Centre, Devon 


·     Nov 1992: 10 weeks Introduction to Dramatherapy@ Torquay College of HE 


·     July 1993: Arts Therapies Summer school@ St Albans School of Art & Design 


·     Mar-Jul 1993: RSA Certificate in Counselling Skillsin the Development of Learning, with RELATE @Torquay college


·     Jan 1999: Person centred Art Therapycourse, London 


·     July 1999: Art Therapy Assessments@BAAT London


·     Nov 1999 (2 days) : Strategies for Crisis Intervention Prevention (SCIP)@Lifespan healthcare


·     Jan-July 2000: Life Sculptureevening class @Comberton, Cambridge 


·     May 2000: Clinical Practice with Learning Disabled Clients who have problematic sexual behaviourswith G-MAP @Cambridge 


·     June 2000: Chairing & Contributing effectively at Meetings@Lifespan Healthcare


·     Oct-Dec 2000: Problematic Sexual Behaviour Among People with Learning Disabilities@ Lifespan Healthcare with Dr Isabel Clare 


·     April 2001: The Law and the Health Professional working in the Community with Quantum Development, Cambridge 


·     May 2001 (2 days) Learning Disability & Mental Health: Knowledge for Improving Clinical Practice@University of Bradford 


·     July 2001: Understanding Teams@Lifespan Healthcare 


·     March-April 2002: Brief Approaches to Art Therapy( 4 days) @ Goldsmiths College 


·     Oct 2001: Moving & handling@Lifespan Healthcare 


·     Sept-Dec 2003: ECDL Online Course@ ASP, Cambridge 


·     Oct/Nov 2001 and 2003: inc Modernising CAMHS, Capacity to Consent to Treatment, Development in Family Therapy, Working with Images & Metaphor in psychotherapy and counseling with C Holliday @ Various lunchtime lectures of the Developmental Psychiatry Section of Cambridge University 


·     March 2004: way Ahead 111: Arts & Mental Health @Papworth Conference Centre 


·     Nov 2003: Writing for Publication & Giving a PresentationStudy day @Homerton College, School of Health Studies, Cambridge 



·     March 2004: Applying Research Findings in Clinical Practice, Cambridge Institute for Research, Education & Management, Cambridge 


·     April 2004: Practical Teaching Strategies’for Visiting Lecturers @UH


·     May 2004: Arts Therapists & Leadership in Organisationswith Val Huet @BAAT


·     Sept 2004: Finding the Evidence Part 1 course@ASP< Cambridge 


·     Oct 2004: An Introduction to Cognitive Therapy(3 days) by APT @Addenbrookes Hospital 


·     July 2005: Working with Anxiety: An introduction to body psychotherapy@CBPC , Cambridge


·     Nov 2005: Creative Approaches to working with Trauma@BAAT


·     2005: Working with PTSD & EMDRClinical Psychology CPD Day @CPFT, Cambridge 


·     Nov 2006: Stories, Narratives & Digital media in Art Therapywith Tony Gammidge @BAAT And Fulbourn, Cambridge 


·     May 2008 (2 days) Art Therapy Groups with Adults in Mental Health Services @BAAT 


·     April 2009: Safeguarding of Children Level 1 & Deprivation of LibertyTraining, CPDC, Cambridge 


·     July 2009: MCA Assessmentday training @ CCC Cambridge 


·     Sept 2008-Jan 2009 Solution-focused Brief Therapy Level 3 (30 credits) Anglia Ruskin University @ Fulbourn, cambs 


·     July 2009: MCA Awarenesssession, with Cambs County Council 


·     Dec 2009 (3 days) Working with Physical Symptomswith K Stauffer @ Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, Cambridge


·     Oct 2009: Art Therapy with Families & siblings groupswith F Aldridge @ BAAT 


·     June 2010: Six part story method (6PSM)Training Day with Dr Kim Dent-Brown @ Kneesworth Hospital, Partnerships in Care 


·     July 2010: Moving & handlingCourse ASP @ Cambridge 


·     Oct 2010: developing Mentalisation in your AT Practicewith Neil Springham @ BAAT 


·     Oct 2010: Clinical Risk Level 2CPFT NHS Trust, Peterborough


·     Oct 2010: Mentalisation based Therapy– State of the Art with Prof Peter Fonagy @ Alice Fisher Addenbrookes Cambridge 


·      Oct 2010: MAPPA FoundationTraining, CCC


·     Feb 2010: Stop-frame animation in Art Therapyworkshop with Tony Gammidge, BAAT


·     May 2010: SOVA


·      Feb 2012: Mindfulness and the Brain2 day workshop, Bedford


·     Trama-Informed Art Therapy(3 days) – San Francisco, USA with Dr Cathy Malchiodi 


·     May-Sept 2012: Introduction to Herbalism– Ickleton, Cambs 


·     August 2012 The emotional world of babies(neurological developments) @ UEA/BAAT Reg 8


·     October 2014/2012: Physical Breakaway Techniques and Adult Cardio Resus & AED training@ CPFT 


·     March 2015: Deprivation of Liberty & MCAworkshop, Cambs County Council 


·     Nov 2005: Parents with Learning Disabilities Level 2seminar @Hinchingbrooke Health Care 


·     March 2015 (3 days) Mentalisation & Brief Interpersonal Arts Psychotherapies for Depression@ ICAPT, CNWL NHS Trust, London 


·     Oct 2006: Bereavement Principles & Practicewith Colin Murray-Parkes @ St Nicholas Hospice Bury St Edmunds 


·     PR with Heart(With Kat Byles Marketing Expert) 10 week training May/June 2017


·     Feb 2017 & Sept-Dec 2017 Residential Buddhist Statue Painting & Gilding course @ MKMC, Ulverston, Cumbria


·     May 2017: Dementia Workshop @ Hampton Care Services 


·     Jan 2018 – PODS ‘Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice’ 1 day course Huntingdon 


·     April 2018: Blue Smile training day ‘ Working with Ill-health, chronic conditions & genetic differences in children’ & ‘Safeguarding & Disclosures’@ CB23


·     Jan 2017: Managing Effective Community Based Events’workshop @ METAL Peterborough


·     Nov 2016: Blue Smile ‘Keeping in Mind the Wider System – about Family Therapy’ @ Cambridge 



Additional Lectures & Conferences attended 


March 1998:  Conference ‘Clinical effectiveness and evidence based practice’ Barnet & Herts Education & Development Consortium @UH


Nov 1998: South cambs Arts & Disabilities Network @Wysing Arts, Bourne, Cambs 


Oct 2000: TAAT 4thnational Conference @Birmingham 


Nov 2000: Reg 8 Art Therapy & Political Conflict with Helen Wells, Norwich 


Sept 2003: Reflections on Practice: Perceptions of Difference BAAT LDSIG @Yorkshire Arts Space, Sheffield


Oct 2003: Eros & Individuation at the end of life with Joy Schaverian and The Culture of Dementia with Prof Diane Waller, @ Fulbourn hospital, Cambridge 


Nov 2003: Agenda for Change with AMICUS @BAAT


Sept 2004: LD Research network with CPFT & Uni of Cambridge



Dec 2004: Using an Image from the World of Art as Imaginal Target with David Maclagan @Fulbourn Hospital,, Cambridge, BAAT 


Nov 2005: Addressing Assessments & Tension in the workplace with Robin Tipple @Norwich Hospital @BAAT


Fen 2006: ‘Art Therapy & Human evolution’ with Malcom Learmonth, @BAAT 


March 2006: Grants for the Arts Seminar with Arts Council East, Cambridge


April 2006: Art Therapy & the Body with B Shaw and J Botham, Reg 9 BAAT


June 2006: Evidence based psychotherapies for children and adolescents with Dr J Weisz @University of Cambridge Dept of Psychiatry, Cambridge


July 2006: measuring Change in AT with Adults with LD @ATPRN, BAAT


July 2009: 6thannual Mental Health Conference, @ ARU, Cambridge 


Sept 2009: Spirituality & resilience, Cambridge  


July 2010: ‘Identity in the Group as a Whole’ the David Clark Lecture for Cambridge Group Work 


June-july 2010: Kettles Yard drawing groups inspired by the collection 


Sept 2010 The Delphi Cycle, Thematic Analysis, AT, Spirituality & Palliative Care, 


ATPRN Symposium @ BAAT


April 2011 ‘The Art of Looking’ BAAT reg 8 @ Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge


2012 CPFT/LDP Arts Therapies day ‘Brief Therapies’ with Neil Springham


Sept 2014: BAAT LDSIG ‘Supporting Communication in Therapeutic Dialogue’, London


Oct 2015: Mental Distress from the Inside: Dissociative Identity presentation, Norwich  


Sept 2015: Social Media and BAAT, London 


March 2016: ARU/CPFT ‘Creative Approaches to Working with and Engaging Family & Carer Systems’ Day Conference @ ARU, Cambridge 


Dec 2016 EMDR Presentation @ BAAT Regional Group Norwich Castle 


Sept 2016: Meeting Mental Health Challenges in Fenland with The Spiritual Care Forum @ Wisbech 


Oct 2016: AT in a Hospice setting @ EACH BAAT Reg 8 day


May 2017: CPP Commissions & Liaison Training Day @ Wisbech 


May 2017 NICE Public Board Meeting @ Peterborough 


Jan 2018 Considering Safeguarding Children in Art Therapy course @ BAAT, London


Spring 2018 Childrens & Families Services course BAAT Reg 8 Ely





Training, Conferences & Courses GIVEN 

·     Sept 2005: BAAT LDSIG presented Art Therapy Outcome Study @ Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and arranged Musuem/art based workshop with education team re LD

·     Art Therapy research: July 2006 ‘Can change be measured in Art Therapy?’ Sharing our research at various fora inc AHP Professionals Day in Ely for CPFT and BAAT Conferences 

·     March 2016 Presentation on Reflective Art making and Self-care @ SLAM NHS Trust, ORTUS Centre, London 

·     Spring 2016 METAL : Boundaries for Arts Workers & Arts &Wellbeing Facilitators Day course 

·     Museums & Galleries Conference Nov 2016 in Glasgow Presented ‘Museums & Psychotherapy’ with Ali Coles for BAAT MAGSIG 

·     July 2017 : 3 DAY Introduction to Art Therapy – an Experiential Course in Peterborough 

·     Planning days with National Gallery, London, re MAG AT informed training 


Publications, Contributions & Exhibitions

March 2018 Region 4 presentation on clinical reflective practice and self-care @ UHerts

May 2018 Region 8 presentation on complex case working @ Ely

Jan 2018 Interview by Doctorate Student re group and Museum & Gallery work 

June-July 2016 Open Art Studios (PAOS) 

August 2016 Three pieces in contemporary collection @ Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery exhibition 

2017 Radio Interview about Art Therapy Peterborough Media & Journalism Dept

May 2015 ‘Art Therapy with Physical Conditions’ book chapter ed S Weston & M Liebmann, Jessica Kingsley Publications 

July 2012: Peer reviewer for IJID (International Journal of Intellectual Disabilities)  

2007: Published poetry in anthology with Poetry Now & Arrival Press 

Facilitated LD group artists exhibition March 2007 @ Hester Adrian Centre, Cambridge 

14-19 June 2004 IASSID World Congress Conference in Montpelier, France Contributor to Poster Presentations ‘Providing Information to adults with moderate intellectual disabilities about art therapy research, and An adaptation of the Play Observation and emotional Rating System (POSER) (Wolke, unpublished 1986) with K Parker, H Pounsett and Dr S Collins

2004 Group art therapists art exhibit ‘Diverse Visions’ @ CB2 Bistro in Cambridge  

Sept 2003 ‘Clinical Art Practice’ in BAAT Newsbrief

I am experienced working with all adults and young people, including:

Mental ill-health (acute and chronic)

Cognitive & physical decline/dementia/palliative care

learning disabilities & communication difficulties

highly complex cases requiring team/co-work

physical, psychological and emotional trauma and its effects

attachment /relational issues & alternative expression


January 2019.  Alison Hawtin