Thank you. The time I have spent with you on the art therapy journey has been life changing, and Im sure I will continue on this amazing path of life which you have helped me discover
— woman - 2016-2018 therapy

”Alison has been my clinical supervisor since 2008. My clinical work with two different client groups (adults and children with autism, and children attending a Pupil Referral Unit) has benefitted enormously from her expertise and knowledge. She is sensitive and astute, especially when working with client imagery. Supervision covers assessment, individual and group Art Therapy.”
— Caroline - Art Therapist
INDIVIDUAL CHILD THERAPY “Thank you for doing Art Therapy with me all this time” 
(2 years)

We will miss your imaginative thinking and the way you always give 100% commitment to service users. You are a real Team player.
— Specialist LD Team Colleagues
”Alison is an experienced and thoughtful clinical supervisor. I have found her to be person-centred towards both clients and myself as her supervisee. She has an open approach which fosters trust and professional growth. She offers creative ways to explore clinical practice verbally and through art making; she also has a depth of academic knowledge which I found to be extremely beneficial. Her creative approach to art therapy ensures that clients and clinicians receive an individual service to cater for their needs. “
— Nicki - Art Therapist

Thank you for all what you do for me"   
A group member

PAROLE BOARD PANEL HEARING  "had the benefit of seeing a video of you (client) and wishes to compliment your Art Therapist, Alison Hawtin on her enthusiasm in supporting you" 

Thank you for everything, over the course of the year at the art group. It’s helped me to be more confident as a person as well as a growing artist and poet. At times I was nervous being there, yet it started to feel like this is where I can express and to improve as who I am.
— Group member for 10 months.

The group was just right for me.  I liked being in a small intense group where you could talk about confidential matters"
Group member

A massive thank you for your help. It does work!
— Client one-to-one art therapy
PRESENTATION/TALKS “Alison, with an abundant amount of experience as an Art Therapist, is a woman who knows what she’s talking about.”

INDIVIDUAL ART THERAPY “Art Therapy seemed to suit my daughter as she learns better visually, is creative and likes to do practical activities. My daughter progressed well with Alison and formed a close bond with her over the course of the year. In the end she was very protective of her time with Alison and the ‘space’ she had with her at the end of each week. I do believe that she has really benefited from the therapy and has asked for further art therapy sessions with Alison in the future”.
— 12 year old girl