means exactly that - we will tailor it to your needs

Individual art therapy enables us to focus entirely on you.  It is the most immediately arranged and adaptable form of Art Therapy due to this.  After the first free phone consultation, we usually will arrange to meet for an experiential period of anything between 1 to 6 sessions (depending on your needs).  In this time we will explore if Art Therapy is right for you, with Alison, in this particular way and at this time in your life.  Where possible we will respond to any changes that are needed, and please be assured Alison will always be honest, and advise and/or recommend alternative therapists or suggest other therapies, if she thinks it may better achieve your goals.  

Individual therapy is for everyone - however, it might be the preferred option if you feel very restricted in what you can share/say,  you experience signifficant relationship difficulties, or perhaps ffind it too intimidating being with others.  You may have had other therapies and feel a need to continue your journey of self-exploration and well-being?  You may have found counselling too broad? not exploratory enough? or too brief? Maybe you found other talking therapies too direct? confusing? too complex? or too restrictive in it's emphasis on talking? and needing to know what you feel or want?
You may simply want to try something new and creative.

Individual therapy is usually for one hour, weekly, and can either be at one of my Peterborough or Ulverston based hired venues or at a venue near to you.   It is generally best held outside of your home/work/day service etc, to enable an entirely separate space where you can feel and safely leave behind whatever arises for you.  However if it is clear that due to your specific situation or health, it will be most beneficial to meet in your home, this can also be arranged.