Who Am I and What do I Do...an update for 2018!

As I move my life around to better mix work and pleasure, my Private Practice is now based from Ulverston in Cumbria AND Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.  
Predominantly i offer internet-mediated and face-to-face CLINICAL SUPERVISION to anyone working within the helping professions across the UK or beyond.  I also can provide direct art THERAPY sessions, GROUPS and BESPOKE therapeutic Arts based TRAINING in venues around these regions.

My area of expertise for almost 20 years has been in NHS Adult Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Community and Inpatient settings, whilst Charity-based and Education-based work with children has strongly developed since going freelance in 2015.  I have supervised people from many areas of practice over the years including museums & galleries, women’s services, palliative care, adult mental health, older people’s services, adoption and looked after children’s services, education, forensics and probation.  In my “previous life” whilst seeking my art therapy career path, I explored nursing and teacher training, both of which i I continue to use in my practice in many ways.

I have tutored, presented, mentored, researched and published over the years.    

My style is person-centred, context-aware, socially-collaborative and art-central, exploring all arenas of the interaction and relationship including the psychodynamic, emotional, cognitive, physical, sensory, and spiritual.  I have acquired an array of tools in my tool-box, that I will be happy to share with you including creativity & attachment and trauma-informed practices, sensory integration, mentalisation, solution-focus, person-centred, pre-therapy and Buddhist mindfulness/meditation, to name a few.

My passion is in encouraging you to explore, define and re-define the kind of therapist you are/want to be within the contexts you find yourself, with a kind and practical emphasis to enhance resilience and reduce secondary trauma, burn-out or cynicism.  

Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss your needs further.  

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3 reasons I am an Art Therapist

3 reasons I am an Art Therapist

I love being an art therapist, helping others find a new way to relate to themselves and others, on a  wandering journey of discovery, uncertainty and trust in what cannot always been described with words.  
You learn to listen.  To trust your gut, your instinct, your inner art-maker, your empathy, your inner seeker of balance, your humanity.  Time, and timing.  Theres a lot of similarity between making art and making relationships:  in one we can practise elements we need for the other.  

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