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For Art Therapists: Working non-verbally with the lost and disconnected

  • southern england uk (map)

Sometimes someone is so disconnected from themselves or their world that the arena of words seems inaccessible, like an alien language.  They may appear isolated, blocked, disconnected, dissociated and incredibly hard (?impossible) to reach.  

Body language, the non-verbals, the creative process, art-making and concrete personal authenticity are what speaks.  This is what we are trained to do, but in our high-pressured, crisis-driven and word-heavy work worlds it can be difficult to hold this, to value this and to develop this.   To remain in the space in-between: of the inexplicable, felt-energy, the intuitive, the archetypal, the human condition.  We may under-estimate the quiet toll this has on our own work and resilience.  

Come along, and through my sharing some case studies we will explore how to deeply attune to the non-verbal world of the client.  You will learn ideas for practice, explore the non-verbal impact on you the therapist, and those in the wider context of the person, and have space to process and digest what arises for you in the interface of the personal-professional.  

Come ready to take an active part in reflective talking and art-making alone, in triads and whole group.  

Venue and final dates TBA depending on interest and locality

£85 each  8-12 participants