A bit more about how Alison works....

Alison is passionate about the benefits of Art Therapy and therapeutic arts as a way to help empower YOU toward self-understanding, emotional expression, and resilience building.  Her working style is honest, empathic and informed by Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness and meditation practices. 


Alison will bring a hefty 'tool-box' into your sessions from 20+ years of working as a community arts facilitator, artist and art therapist.  Using developmental, systemic and creativity theory/practice, eastern and western psychology and philosophy, amongst many other art and life-based skills, she will use what will encourage and challenge you, without pushing you anywhere you are not willing to go.  She always works from the 'ow ', what you bring into each session: verbally, emotionally, creatively, physically and spiritually; bringing them all to play in her attunement with you, your creative expression and your way of being in the world.  Even though together you will set goals for your therapy, the essence of ART THERAPY always beats its heart in your sessions with Alison, through spontaneity, accident, play, working together, shared-looking, relationship and exploration.  

Alison has considerable experience of working with a wide range of people: ART THERAPY is applicable for anyone - those who simply feel lost, directionless or unhappy and wants to explore themselves & their inner worlds; right through to those experiencing extreme difficulties, perhaps in need of specialist or support services, with complex needs, behavioural distress and serious mental health issues.  ART THERAPY in nature, is adaptable and responsive to each person's needs, abilities and wants and as such, helps you feel accepted for who and where you are RIGHT NOW.  

Maybe you struggle at times (or all the time) with verbal expression ('can't say it, won't say it, don't know how to put words to it') or you experience fear, anxiety, delusions, numbing/dissociation or any other uncomfortable feeling that is affecting your and/or others in your life?  Perhaps you or someone you know is on the autistic spectrum or is living with degenerative or palliative illnesses? Alison has worked with people suffering in all these ways.  Acute mental health breakdown, physical ill-health/degenerative or terminal disease, growing up, painful life transitions, loss, bereavement, abuse, trauma (sexual abuse, PTSD), anxiety/depression, Aspergers syndrome, forensic histories, Personality disorders  and other attachment issues.  

Please get in touch for a chat or consultation, if you're not sure if Art Therapy is for you or your loved one - Alison has a particular skill working with the effect of emotional trauma in all it's guises - to achieve your empowerment, develop your resilience and help you embrace change and hold onto hope.